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  • Photo: Wintered

    Photo: Wintered

    “In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.” – Albert Camus Photo: taken during pre-production for the “Consider This A Sign” collection of singles. (click to enlarge)

  • Summers and this Song

    Summers and this Song

    Throwback! Recorded in Atlanta, released nearly five years ago :) Listen and download – “Remember“. Hear the whole EP “They Can’t Stop Us Now” here (lyrics too) Buy it on iTunes – #tbt

  • Goodbye Recher

    Goodbye Recher

    The end of an era. We are grateful to have shared so much time with all of you in that starry-eyed, darkened, purple-walled corner of Baltimore called the Recher Theatre. That stage was our ‘hometown show’, our place to always come back to no matter how far we strayed. I’m sure all the bands felt…

  • TRACK: Don’t You (Live)

    TRACK: Don’t You (Live)

    Lost track, throwback 2007 (recorded live): From last week… Valentines “Kiss Kiss” throwback (off of “When It Gets Dark Enough…”): xx

  • Photos: Studio + 2013

    Photos: Studio + 2013

    Here we are, 23 days into 2013. Happy new one. We’re recording in the studio, chipping away at the new-new-tracks. If you were at our house shows, you’ve heard the next song already (but what you heard was an acoustic version) – it’s coming soon in an unexpected way. Rappy is yet again at the…

  • Merry Christmas + Update

    Merry Christmas + Update

    Merry Christmas! We are back in the studio (with a short break for the holiday). Expect something new in 2013. I’ll post studio pics as they come on fb. Photo: Moxy, the studio dog This month is the 6th anniversary of our album “When It Gets Dark Enough…” Two free downloads with a little back-story,…

  • Photos: Baltimore Love

    Photos: Baltimore Love

    From the house on a hill in Maryland this Halloween: Photos: Atwood Murray (click to enlarge) Big support for one of our favorites, the Baltimore Love Project. (click to enlarge) Giving thanks: we love you guys for sticking with us, listening to the songs we make, coming to our shows, giving us the freedom to…

  • Photos: Bonfired

    Photos: Bonfired

    Awesome night, good to hang w/ everyone again. Stay safe in the storm, East Coasters. Special thanks to everyone that made the house show and bonfire possible. L-O-V-E. More pics on FB.

  • House Show: October 27th

    House Show: October 27th

    Just announced: Halloween House Show w/ bonfire and after-party. [color_box color=”dark” textcolor=”white”] Read the latest show update with the address, times and what to bring. Get all the details here. [/color_box] Open the full flyer here. Msg us for a FB invite.

  • Song: Change Your Mind

    Song: Change Your Mind

    [bubblequote]Less is more in this dream-like acoustic adaptation of The Hint original “Change Your Mind”.[/bubblequote] Download – FREE / iTUNES / AMAZON / PLAY / SPOTIFY Produced by Dan Rappaport Free MP3 Download High resolution artwork – click to open [box]Lyrics: i wanted to love you but the soldier in your heart left me for…