Merry Christmas + Update

Merry Christmas!

We are back in the studio (with a short break for the holiday). Expect something new in 2013. I’ll post studio pics as they come on fb.

Moxy, the studio dog
Photo: Moxy, the studio dog

This month is the 6th anniversary of our album “When It Gets Dark Enough…” Two free downloads with a little back-story, below.

Random facts not many people know about “When It Gets Dark Enough…”:
(1.) Tessa sang on a few songs in this album, long before joining us on stage.
(2.) The band began work on the album at a tiny space on Hope Street, an actual road.
(3.) The album wasn’t recorded until after The Hint returned from a first tour in the UK, where the last tracks were written.
(4.) The hidden track has never been played live, and it’s arguably never been played as a band all together in its entirety.

“I Want It To Feel Like Love”:
Half written on a piano in Winchester, England, the other half in a few different rooms in Maryland, this throwback is one of our most-requested songs. This shorter version appeared on the “Hintron (Singles)” collection, after the album came out.

“Eyes Wide Open”:
One of the first songs written for the album, it was first demoed in North Jersey, and later recorded in Paul Leavitt’s basement in Maryland.