Preproduction Snapshots


Preproduction on the Ground Floor

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Update after Boston


The Hint via iPhone

Hey all-I wanted to put out an update about what's been going on with The Hint the last few months, along with news on Project M. Lots of changes here, and we've been busy working on our sound an [...]

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Help Japan Shirt Update


Help Japan Tee

All of the final round of Help Japan tees have arrived and have been sent out. Be in touch directly if you have arranged to get yours from Geoff directly. Thank you for supporting the cause - post a p [...]

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Skype Chip


Skype Chip

Our producer made us homemade pizza Saturday for a short break before mixing started. Incredible recipes. Geoff caught a ride back home now that tracking is finished and the rest of us are in the stu [...]

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Day 7: Photo Update From Massachusetts


We are enjoying a lovely day in the studio!Notice I didn't say quiet, because Tim is wrapping up recording guitars. Joe nailed his tracks yesterday, and I laid down bass the day before. So many aw [...]

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The ‘M’ in Project M Does Not Stand for… Marriage (At Least Not the Royal Kind)


Of course nobody in the band got any sleep because we had to watch the Royals get hitched at 4am....thats not true at all, we slept like baby angels in a pile of towels that just came out of the dryer [...]

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