Photo: Wintered


Studio 1 - Boston

"In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer." - Albert Camus Photo: taken during pre-production for the "Consider This A Sign" collection of singles. [...]

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Summers and this Song


They Can't Stop Us Now (cover art) (500x)

Throwback! Recorded in Atlanta, released nearly five years ago :) Listen and download - "Remember". Hear the whole EP "They Can't Stop Us Now" here (lyrics too) Buy it on iTunes - [...]

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Goodbye Recher


Santa Monica - Sunset

The end of an era. We are grateful to have shared so much time with all of you in that starry-eyed, darkened, purple-walled corner of Baltimore called the Recher Theatre. That stage was our 'hometow [...]

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TRACK: Don’t You (Live)


Breakfast Club - Molly

Lost track, throwback 2007 (recorded live): From last week... Valentines "Kiss Kiss" throwback (off of "When It Gets Dark Enough..."): xx

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Photos: Studio + 2013


Studio - Tessa, singing in the dark

Here we are, 23 days into 2013. Happy new one. We're recording in the studio, chipping away at the new-new-tracks. If you were at our house shows, you've heard the next song already (but what you he [...]

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Merry Christmas + Update


Moxy, the studio dog

Merry Christmas! We are back in the studio (with a short break for the holiday). Expect something new in 2013. I'll post studio pics as they come on fb. Photo: Moxy, the studio dog This mon [...]

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