On Deck: Remix + Acoustic

The Hint - Guitar Pick

“Plus One Minus One (Le Youth Remix)” due out Monday, May 14.

Talk about two worlds… 2012 is a walking contradiction already, but here we are in the midst of it, electro versus acoustic.

We’ve been getting together with acoustic guitars (and a piano) a lot lately, sitting together with our songs and talking. Four voices, intimate, raw. Even added a Beatles song.

The Hint - Guitar Pick

A new song is already born from these sessions and is in the mixing stage. That track will likely be out in June. The others are works in progress, but we’ll be together with Dan (the producer) again to flesh out one or two of those at the Lakehouse later in the week.

Meanwhile, across the country, in Los Angeles, one of our good friend, Le Youth, has done a dance / nu-disco remix of “Plus One Minus One”. That will be showing it’s beautiful face any day now (if it leaks) but will be out next week for real. Catch it May 14.

So one is unplugged. The other is plugged. Digital versus analog.

<3 p.s. Geoff's Pick

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