Random walk on a Friday

"When It Gets Dark Enough..."

Hola amigos,

We’re announcing a new show at George Washington University very soon.  It’s going to be short notice but it’s a free show in DC, so spread the word when we post it.  We’re secretly building out this site everyday (and by secret, I mean online in plain view for all to see) and we hope this becomes a better place to see and hear everything.  We definitely want you to be a part of this and we’re listening to all your suggestions on FB and twitter (thanks for those so far).  It’s just that myspace isn’t quite the place it once was and the other sites are fine, but I think we’re overdue for a real home.  At first, it’s going to be a beautiful mess, but we’ll keep making it better.  Thanks for checking in!

The song of the day is “The Antidote”:




Tickets on sale now for March 26 at the STORE.

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