House Show: August 4th + Limited Edition CD


The Hint - Acoustic House Show on August 4th @ Silver Spring, MD

Announcing our first acoustic house show.It's in Silver Spring, MD, but the location is private to our sincere and genuine ticket holders. There are only 25 available, and proceeds will help [...]

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Photos/mp3: Throwback #2


Tessa at the Washington Monument

Another edition of Free Friday. This song is from the "I Am The Hint" EP, a much more recent throwback track. Download the track for free here.Instagrams from Facebook:Tessa at the Washi [...]

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Photos/mp3: Throwback


Tim - Roaster 2011

Free Friday, amigos. Here's a throwback track from our original LP called "Under a Blue Sky". Fits the day, fits the mood. Download the song for free here.Instagrams from Facebook - boots f [...]

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Video: Little Fish, Big Sea


Plus One - Original vs. Remix

Los Angeles underwater(Click play)Download – iTUNES / AMAZON / PLAY / SPOTIFYFind lyrics, art, original track -

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Feature: Remix Summer Heat


Purevolume Feature - Remix (May 2012)

Blog love and kind words about Le Youth's spin on "Plus One Minus One":Purevolume - "LA nu-disco extraordinaire Le Youth has set his sights on The Hint's lush 'Plus One Minus One', and the resulti [...]

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Photo: Rare Sighting


Rare Sighting

Acoustic jams. "Stay still for two minutes so I can snap a photo on my phone". Yeah, right.

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