Video/mp3: HFS Debut + Spain


TheHint - Living In The Moment (Bonfire)

HFS will debut The Hint single "Living in the Moment" on the radio tonight at 9PM. Listen at 97.5 FM, or stream it online at Tell 'em you love it!A new video appeared onl [...]

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Baltimore Love


Baltimore Love Project

News of another shooting, this time in Perry Hall. That hits close and hard. Violence is not the answer! Our sympathies go out to the school, and especially the families.(click to enlarge)M [...]

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Photos: New Jersey


Inside the Vanagon

Thank you all for making us feel welcome again, New Jersey. Special thx to TJ for making it possible.(click to enlarge)(click to enlarge)More soon.

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Photos: Mars, After-glow and the Red Couch


The Hint - House show after-glow

The future is now. Space.Our first peek at the surface of Mars:(click to enlarge)We were absolutely blown away at the show Saturday, beyond our wildest expectations. It was one of a kin [...]

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#FreeFriday (mp3): Living in the Moment + NJ Show Announcement



Yesterday's Free Friday on FB and Tumblr, one of the new singles "Living in the Moment". Here's the link for the free mp3 - BOOM.Want to add it to your page on Tumblr? Reblog it. Share it o [...]

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Video: Hip Hop Kitty


Sprocket, the Kitten

Hip Hop Kitty presents The Hint - August 4thTo be a guest at the show, order tickets here - http://TheHint.comHip Hop Kitty, aka Sprocket, the kitten, cordially invites you to our first ho [...]

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