Hidden Track


"When It Gets Dark Enough..."

We're deep into the writing process at the moment, but we'll be back for a show this Saturday in VA.In the meantime, here's a random download of a song most don't know. It's the hidden track from [...]

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Presale Contest


Give It All You Got Fest

We got a note from the promoter today about a contest for the Fest on May 29. From May 17 to the 27th, everyone who purchases a presale ticket has a shot at winning a CD and a t-shirt from a bunch of [...]

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Dirt Roads in Pennsylvannia


Holly Blann 5

[gallery orderby="rand"]Photography by Holly Blann - thank you!

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Behind the Cover


I Am The Hint

We get notes from time to time asking about the artwork, so here's a little bit about the cover of "I Am The Hint". The album is a story that flows from song to song with over-arching themes of love, [...]

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Hometown Love


David Porter 1

Amazing show, thank you all so much for being there!MD

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Contest Winners + Show Update



CONTEST UPDATE (4/30): Ticket winners for The Sound Alarm contest are @melissaechalar (Melissa) and @akathedirector (Zach). Bring ID, mention your twitter name, and say your name at the door and you'r [...]

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