Day 3: Photo Update From Massachusetts


Day 3 at the studio. We begin the day listening to all of the tracks making sure arrangements are perfect. After that we get right into tracking bass. More photo updates coming soon, as well as video [...]

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M Does Not Stand For…


Studio, day 2:[caption id="attachment_1013" align="alignnone" width="185" caption="M Does Not Stand For.........Manana?"][/caption]Tim: " sitting next to geoff blake in the studio in bost [...]

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Crossing Bridges


New York

Bridges. Crossing bridges always means that we, The Hint, are getting closer to our destination. Being stuck in traffic is similar to the obstacles that get in the way of progress but Frederick Dougla [...]

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Boston Bound & the Hoodie


Project M Hoodie

In a few hours, we'll be making our way north to Boston to begin recording in the studio. This week, things will start ramping up with M, and we're counting on your support.Keep sending us your [...]

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Election Results


Project M Cable Tee

Here's your winner, thanks for voting!(Limited edition for Project M)

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‘M’ Update & Japan


Help Japan Tees Arrive

We've been getting a ton of feedback (thank you!) and just put up our first update to Project M. There's now a FREE OPTION, too. Here's the latest video intro to 'M' - There's bee [...]

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